Hi, I'm Jeff.

Emotional storyteller. Light wizard. Trailblazer. Internationally coveted. Unparalleled excellence. Awakening us.

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Marin County, California’s premier landscape artist™.

Jeff is a full-time professional with over a decade’s experience behind the camera. With his partner Tung, he specializes in custom-created, ultra-high-resolution images that are ready to display in large prints and digital applications that demand perfect detail. Their large, detailed prints and wall coverings are on display in numerous homes and office buildings with installations up to 60 feet wide. 

A professional meteorologist.

A crucial part of making a stunning landscape image is being in the right place at the right time, when the optimal light and weather conditions converge. With a B.S. in meteorology from UCLA, Jeff is the leader of the emerging field of scenic meteorology: the study of the beauty of weather. Jeff uses satellite images, weather models, and his own patented Escaypemodel to predict when and where the best light will occur.

It started with a passion for hiking.

Jeff is an avid hiker and backpacker. He has served three seasons as a backcountry ranger in Sequoia National Park. He spends over 150 days in the field each year. Much of his work explores unique angles and never-before-seen vantage points, and has been the subject of much inspiration for other artists.

Creating powerful imagery

for global clients.

Jeff’s work is instantly recognizable, influential, and full of emotion. His work breathes vitality into landscape stories that resonate with all of us. His powerful images and storytelling abilities have attracted a wide range of international clients and publishers, which include Adobe, Microsoft, Marin Living Magazine, AAA, Marin Magazine, Backpacker, The Nature Conservancy, UCLA, and the Sierra Club. He is one of twelve artists around the United States to be featured in Adobe's global Creative Cloud launch. He is an official photographer for the Marin Agricultural Land Trust and Black Mountain Ranch. 

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A letter for my viewers

Dear viewer,

My name is Jeff, founder of landESCAPEvisuals. I’d first like to thank you for your interest in my work, and personally welcome you to my portfolio.

We are living in an age where audiences can be purchased on Instagram, unique compositions are needles in a haystack, and low-quality Photoshop jobs are a dime a dozen. In contrast, I pride myself on professional, personal, and emotional storytelling. My studio albums are not merely images I think others will enjoy, but rather seek to tell a story — often my story — something I feel is commonly missing from landscape art. I passionately seek out scenes those before me have ignored, and ask “why not?”.

You won’t find links to Instagram profiles, mass-produced video tutorials, or large group workshops here. You will find meaningful, custom-made art, and personal one-on-one instruction. I prefer to work with my clients directly — don’t hesitate to reach out.

I often get asked the degree to which I use programs like Photoshop to process my images, and how closely they resemble the “real” thing. I have written on this subject. However, as we rapidly progress (or, some might say, regress) into an age of AI “art” and one-click sky replacements, I feel compelled to distance myself from these forms of digital creation, and instead to practice responsible use of these technologies that are new and exciting, but unregulated and, frankly, a bit scary. It’s important to me that all of my images are anchored in actual experiences that I have had, and you, too, can have.

Thanks for stopping by my portfolio! If you enjoy it, I’d love to hear from you.


Jeff | landESCAPEvisuals