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We don’t often do studio/portrait/event/headshots, but allow us to recommend our friend Stephanie Mohan of Creative Portraiture for those!


Can you help me pick a photo for my space?

Of course! We'd love to help. Just reach out with our contact form above.

Where are you based?

We are based in beautiful Marin County, California! Marin is just north of San Francisco and is known for beautiful countryside, rolling hills, incredible views, stunning coastal sunsets, and picturesque homes. If that sounds like heaven on earth... well, it pretty much is!

Do you do commissioned work?

How nice of you to ask! Yes, we do. And we "cheat" — we run Escaype, the world's original weather service for photographers, so we will know the best time to go for the perfect light! Contact us with your idea and we'll get the ball rolling.

Are your images available for license?

All of our images are available for license. We usually do rights-managed (for specific use), but royalty-free licenses can be discussed as well. Just fill out the contact form above to get started. Let us know the desired use, and approximate reach and scope, and/or approximate budget. We'll get back to you with a quote and let you know how we can work together.

How do I know what size print to get?

We'll help you! If you're local, we can come by and measure your space and make suggestions. If you're not, we can set up a video meeting. You can also email or text us at the info above — include a few photos of your space and some measurements, and we can virtually "show" you how your favorite piece will look on the wall in various sizes!

How do I follow you on social media?

In 2016, despite having tens of thousands of followers and an ardent fanbase, I made a difficult decision to stop publishing my work on social media. I wrote about how I felt it was becoming detrimental to our mental health, society, and the environment. Today, millions more people realize that our out-of-control collective social media addiction is a poison to humankind. I'm continuing to explore other means of sharing that spark more meaningful connection, such as in-person exhibitions and books. Instead of sharing all my photos to inspire imitation in the photo community, I focus on challenging my clients and contacts to step out of our comfort zone, rekindle our beginner's mind, and discover our creative voice.

Why is over 95% of your catalog hidden in password-protected galleries?

Unfortunately, the highly innovative nature of my work is not compatible with today's digital information age. There are significant costs of sharing my work on the public internet, namely dilution of creativity through unattributed imitation, and crowding of sensitive locations that I explore, many of which have never been 'professionally' photographed before and some of which are not publicly accessible. At least for now, I've chosen to share less publicly and more deliberately. Rather than casting a wide net, I extend my vision to viewers who seek the powerful, transformative experience that emotional art can provide.

marin county's premier landscape artist

I innovate by asking “why not?”

Together we’ll journey through California and beyond, like you’ve never experienced before.

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