thank you

I believe one of the marks of a great artist is the expression of gratitude for those who have helped them get to where they are. Even though my art is highly unique, because it is born in my personal emotion and story — we all have our influences, mentors, and teams.

I wish I could thank far more people than I have room for here, but specifically, every visitor to our gallery should know of my gratitude for:

Tung Dao

Tung is my partner, together in business and life. He has taught me what it means to be loved and appreciated. Tung brings out the best in me, and many of my images have direct, powerful links to him and our partnership.

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David Odisho

Dave is an acclaimed street/photojournalistic photographer and one of my closest friends. He has helped me grow increasingly aware of my surroundings, and not only their beauty but also their significance to me. I find myself observing ephemeral moments of light and shadow, reflections, and sometimes even things that seem a bit bizarre, and understanding why I’m being drawn to them – and then sharing them without any explanation.

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Floris van Breugel

Floris is one of the greats of modern landscape photography. His work showed me that images need not SCREAM, but can speak more softly. He also taught me to try new things, to get back in touch with my beginner’s mind.

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Michael Ryan

Mike's landscapes of the North Bay (and beyond) helped me realize that exploring new areas and seeking inspiration in the moment is far more fulfilling than limiting myself to what other artists have already done. As Mike says, “inspire adventure, not imitation”.

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Jesse Cortes

Jesse is an East Bay-based landscape photographer who has been one of my key exploring buddies for the last few years. His work also explores unique vantage points.

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